steady as a tom petty track

I often find myself getting tired of music lately. It’s such a strange thing for me to say since I consider music an important part of my life.  I suppose it depends on my mood at that exact moment, but the bands that I was listening to on repeat just aren’t doing anything for me right now. It’s possible that this particular band that I’m speaking of is so much related to a single person and that person isn’t on my mind anymore? I’ll never know, really. But in place of music, I’ve been listening to NPR podcasts, specifically S-Town.

Image result for s-townAside from the beautiful marketing, the story is really addicting as well. I started listening to the podcast on Friday and I only have one episode left. It’s narrated by Brian Reed, who is a producer on This American Life (which is another podcast on NPR) and one day he was contacted by this guy John B. McLemore who wanted Brian to investigate some crime in his town, Woodstock, Alabama. John refers to the backwards town as Shit Town, hence the title. Brian begins to investigate the crime, then the story takes an unexpected twist and just continues to go. I will admit, I was expecting a little more drama and the plot kinda fizzles out after the 3rd episode, but it’s still very good and I can’t stop listening to it. John is such an interesting person (and not to mention really funny). I’m sad it’s almost over, honestly.

So, I suppose that listening to S-Town is a nice little escape from reality. It’s like reading, but you can do it when you’re driving. On Friday I continued to find excuses to drive around and listen to this. I was using the agency car, so wasting gas wasn’t really on my mind. I have had a lot of other things on my mind though. I’m struggling with a decision, though I know it’s going to have some unfortunate consequences. So S-Town has been doing it’s job of distracting me from myself.


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