Ive got a lump in my throats cause you’re gonna sing the words wrong 

I keep forgetting to blog. I’m not busy at all, just don’t feel like it.  I’m not even entirely sure where I left off last to catch you up on things: 

Well, the most important thing is IM GOING TO BE AN AUNT. There’s a baby in there. Also, Ashleigh and Ramon came to visit for Memorial Day and it was very enjoyable. We went to the zoo: the polar bear looks cool in this next picture, not my gross armsI also went to Maryland for a week long sabbatical (not the right word, but it felt necessary) Alex turned 24 (and I guess I turned 29)And I had pink hair for a bit. 

I went to Hershey Gardens with Marissa and Alaina. I also went to a dance recital for Alaina two weekends ago and it was nice.

I finally started doing the nightly yoga again and it’s been helpful. I’ve just been spending some time regrouping and trying to figure out what I want. I’ve come no closer to making that decision, but I guess and least I’ve decided a few things that I don’t want. I would like to focus on growing certain relationships in a positive way.  I’ve been trying to be more in control of myself and trying to understand that I can only control me. Not that I ever thought I could control people, nor did I try, but just accepting the fact that people will do what they do and you can either let it bother you or not. It’s a work in progress. Thanks in large part to the Oprah magazines I’ve been getting. 


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