Forever after beyond this when will our nightmare ever end

So this has been somewhat of a trying week, and I’m actually excited for Monday and all of the new ventures it could possibly bring. The past week was just a lot of downs, not one remotely good thing happened. The last straw was the damn mouse that I’ve been trying to kill for three days. On Friday I didn’t feel like going to work, so I didn’t (I have 140 hours of paid time off I should use it) I cleaned my house and then sat down to have a nice big glass of wine (this was approximately 2pm, but it’s 5 o’clock somewhere) when I looked over st my kitchen and I thought I saw something. First thought was I’m hallucinating and this is the beginning of my mental health breakdown or I was just drunk and seeing things. But no, it was a real live mouse. My first instinct, as with any challenging situation, was to sit there and do nothing, I guess it ran back to wherever it came from but I sure as hell did not stick around to find out where it went. I jumped upstairs to put on some clothes and ran out of the house. I didn’t even check to see if the Coffee pot was unplugged 14 times! Just left and went to Walmart to find some traps. Now mouse hunting is, I’ve learned, a very expensive and tiring game. The mouse is still at large. I had my uncle come over and set up traps and put out like 14 plates of poison (I can’t do anything for myself). Hopefully it’s dead/dying in my basement or preferably outside. 
Also, Island by Coheed and Cambria had just been ringing in my ears for far too long. 

I finally figured out what to put on the wall behind my couch. I want to get a mirror for the other picture frame as I’m aware it’s not a good look, but I finally have something!

Pizza night! 


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