Now you want to kill me in the act of what could maybe save us

I know I’m really late to the party, but I’ve started watching Sex and the City. I still don’t get what all of the hype is about, but I’m going to finish it. This show is good background noise. I’ve been told it gets better. I’m almost done the second season and I’ve completely changed who I thought my favorite characters were. I’ve never had a problem with Charlotte, she’s just there really. I can’t stand Carrie. I get she’s the main character, but she’s extremely selfish. Miranda will be trying to talk about so,wthing important and Carrie will just cut her off and start talking about her boring story line.I always thought that Samantha was my favorite character, but now that I actually watch the show, I can’t stand her. You could say I don’t like her because she acts like a stereotypical man, but I hate those stereotypical male qualities. Miranda is my favorite so far. I never thought I’d like her, but she’s such a normal person. And yes, her teeth give me the creeps, but she’s human. She’s the best friend on the show and she is also the most level headed. 

I thought I had more to say in this post, but I was wrong. Maybe I’ll review my thoughts when I finish the show. 


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