I see a storm bubbling up from the sea 

I’ve decided to switch over to WordPress because blogger.com was making it increasingly difficult to create a blog on their app/ website while on my iPad. My beautiful iPad is really my only computer at the moment since my actual computer is hanging on by a hinge (literally. See previous blogger post). All I ask is to be able to add pictures from my photo stream into my post, but that wasn’t something that was syncing on my blogger account. So here we are.
New year, new blog. Fresh blog start. Hopefully it goes well.

This is the current state of my bathroom, it is mid-renovation/ fix the gross cracked walls I’ve been crying about since…probably since I moved in. On Thursday night, the maintenance guy texted me and said he’s coming to do some of the work that was requested in July. Wasn’t much time for me to clean so I was embarrassed about my house, but he always says he’s seen worse. Anyway, he half fixed my walls and claims he’s coming back on Monday to finish and to install a vent in my bathroom. So because I’m finally going to have nice walls again, I decided to buy all new bathroom decor. Well I bought a really fluffy rug and some hella nice towels. I’ve been obsessed with eucalyptus leaves and I have them all over my house in an organic attempt to relax. I don’t feel any less tense, but they sure do smell good. I’ve basically cleaned out two Trader Joe’s locations of their eucalyptus leaves. I should invest in a plant, but I kill everything that tries to grow in this house. 

I also got a hymalian salt lamp because they’re cool. That’s my homeopathic relaxation center. It’s a mess though. Probably not very relaxing.

I saw this on Pinterest. I like it a lot, actually. I’ve noticed a more relaxing shower and it smells so good.


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